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Architecture and interior layout

Meuble Tétris
For this room with its molded woodwork, I was asked to think of a large storage unit. The narrowness of this room did not allow, once a double bed was installed, easy opening of doors and even less easy access to the upper parts of the cupboard without a step ladder...... The idea was to use the principle of the library ladder while tilting the whole piece of furniture to avoid a too large footprint of the ladder. I proposed an identical inclination of the cabinet to the one of the ladder to save as much space as possible. In this concept, swing doors are impossible to manage. The idea was to leave a box without a door so that the neighbouring doors could slide in front. The Tetris furniture was born! The decorative surfaces are complex, especially the large silvery grasses on highlights of photoluminescent relief plasters. According to my drawings, the mirrors of Gilles Chabrier (glass sculptor) received a back sanding and then a general silvering. The plum and orange patinas were essential to enhance and energize this seemingly simple but complex chamber in composition.


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Jean-Nicolas BOULMIER
Artist Decorative Painter
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