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Artist Decorative Painter
These decorations are hand painted and allow you to discover vast expanses, vast perspectives and landscapes. These decorations are made on canvas in the workshop and then glued or stretched on site.

Trompe l'oeil exotique

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Voici un trompe l'oeil exotique imaginaire pour cette entrée abritée, qui reprend l'esprit du jardin.
Par choix, un oiseau de bord de mer caractéristique y est peint : la Huppe Fasciée, facilement reconnaissable à son long bec pour capturer les vers et insectes dans le sable.
En bas du trompe l'oeil, il est impossible de manquer Chouchou la "résidente" des lieux !

Savigny sur Orge


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Inspiré de la plage de Boisvinet en Vendée, ce panoramique volontairement sobre laisse place à l’immensité de l’océan. Le soleil en contre-jour amène une intensité dans les contrastes. Vous remarquerez le petit Méphisto voulu par son commanditaire ! 


Restauration d’un panoramique

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Appelé à la suite d’un dégât des eaux, je devais restaurer ce trompe l’œil. Travail délicat et complexe puisque j’ai dû gratter beaucoup de zones humides jusqu’à la pierre du bâtiment. Des enduits partiels ont permis de récupérer les surfaces murales. J’ai dû retrouver la « main », le style et les couleurs de l’artiste qui avait fait ce trompe l’œil, a priori dans les années 1985.

Rue Deauphine, Paris 6ème

Cordouan Lighthouse

This is an imaginary view of the Cordouan lighthouse and its surroundings. The idea was to have a change of climate, from sunny to stormy with a dark sea to contrast the lighthouse and highlight it. A little wink at the gulls, which symbolise a certain facetiousness of the owners of this panoramic.

A small studio

Here is an imaginary plunging view on the theme of the sea. It is a composition made in harmony with the client which largely meets his wishes. The destination of this panoramic is a small studio of 9 m² which in his eyes required a visual enlargement. Between mirrors and a trompe l'oeil, the choice was made….

Cité Riverin, Paris 10ème

The Village of Grignan and its castle

Here is a "circular" panoramic view on a Provencal theme, faithfully representing the castle of Grignan (located north of Orange and Avignon). The 15 panels, arranged on all the high protruding tables of the room's woodwork, connect to each other with fields of lavender, wheat, poppies and sunflowers for landscape. A reference is made to Alphonse Daudet's mill on the sunniest panel. You will find details of the decorated doors in the "trompe l'oeil" section.

Plessis pâté in Essonne (91)

The titmice on vacation!

Here is a panoramic made in a studio on canvas and then pasted, representing an imaginary Mediterranean landscape, the desire to travel. The two-tone walls separated by a frieze of olive leaves give a lot of freshness to this living room that is the kitchen. The vase refers to the beautiful earthenware of Moustiers known for its characteristic decorations.

Rue Parmentier in Neuilly sur Seine

The Golden Island

Realization of a "circular" panoramic on the theme of the Golden  Island, which is located on the French Riviera. The aim is to give the impression of having bays open to the sea all around the room with a horizon line common to the 13 canvases with a different theme on each of them. After the patinas had been applied throughout the room, the canvases painted in the workshop were glued to the high protruding tables of the woodwork.

Plessis pâté in Essonne (91)

the swimmer

For a bedroom, realization in the half moon (existing) of a romantic and imaginary landscape, on the theme of a stone swimmer.

Les Molières in Essonne (91)

the attic

On a peach/apricot degraded  patina background  and its false fork, realization of an opening revealing the top of a ladder in order to believe that one can access from the outside.

Grigny in Essonne

the cicadas

Realization on canvas, of a landscape with a lavender  field and its sunflowers as its theme in the foreground. Before its installation, this panoramic view was exhibited during the "handicraft weekend" organised by the Conseil Général de l'Essonne at Château de Chamarande.

Rue des Marguerites in Chilly Mazarin, in Essonne.

dream home

Realization on canvas of an imaginary Mediterranean villa, with lavenders,  cypresses and an olive tree. All this through a simple opening on a plain white background.

Rue du Vieux Perray, 91700 Ste Geneviève des Bois

In the tropics

"Fitness Tropical" fitness centre. Realization of three panoramas on removable wooden panels on the theme of the tropics. The visual goal is to pass under a real straw hut, and to extend the slats of the real parquet floor into false slats that are gradually covered with sand in order to discover a perspective on the sea.


Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

Realization on canvas of a panoramic on the theme of Venice. The landscape represents the island of San Giorgio, with its stilts and gondolas in the foreground. The sub-slopes of the room required a passageway architecture to make maximum use of the width of the wall.

St Fargeau-Ponthierry, 77

The gardens of the alhambra

A trompe l'oeil was created on the theme of the gardens of the Generalife, the Moors' summer palace at the Alhambra in Spain. Creation of a frieze and patina on the rest of the walls.

Avenue d'Iéna Paris 16e

L'Escorial in Spain

Realization on canvas (16m²) of a trompe l'oeil on the theme of the Escorial (monastery located 50 km north of Madrid, containing the kings of Spain). Resumption of the monastery's interior architecture to create the passage from the office to the landscape against a backdrop of snow-covered mountains. This canvas mounted on splices was stretched by an upholsterer in a management office on the Champs Élysées and then dismantled. Stored for a while in my workshop, I glued it in Switzerland, its final destination. Coating and colour connections were mandatory around the canvas in order to integrate it into a new decoration.

Avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris and then Crans Montana in Switzerland.

Au Soleil Italien

Realization of two panoramic views on wooden panels, one on the theme of the Bay of Naples and Vesuvius, the other representing a bread oven, all with an architecture reminiscent of the Pompeian interiors.

Pizzeria located on Sainte Geneviève des Bois

Checkmate surrealist!!

Creation of a surrealist marine landscape on the theme of chess, with an architecture reminiscent of the surrounding furniture, all on a crumpled patina background.

rue Récamier, Paris 7e)

Sliding door with view on Ibiza

Realization on glued canvas, of a panoramic covering two sliding doors, with as architecture the resumption of the French window door, all on a blue sponge patina background.

Avenue d'Iéna, Paris 16e.

The banana tree

Realization on canvas (stretched by an upholsterer on the spot), of a panoramic on the theme of a loggia by the sea with its banana tree, all on a crumpled patina background.

House Lafitte, Yvelines (78)

Daniel Buren's columns

Realization on an armoured door of a panoramic on the theme of Daniel Buren's columns, with false mouldings in the spirit of the French windows of the living room.

Rue Bassano, Paris 16e

The heron

In an entrance, Realization in the hollow of the door of an Asian subject.

Maison Lafitte, Yvelines (78)

Tuscany in Ile de France

Tuscan landscape on a patina background with a rag.

St fargeau-Ponthierry, Seine et Marne (77)

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