logoJean Nicolas Boulmier
Artist Decorative Painter

Materials, patinas, decorative coatings, embossed coatings, aged waxed plaster

Odilon Redon
This is a former grape harvest room which has been transformed into a reception room and renamed the Odilon Room. It is part of the old buildings that were attached to Odilon Redon's house but which no longer exist today. The idea of a red gradient that was asked of me was very difficult. The number of vaults, the complexity of the pillars with their rounded edges, the ceiling heights and the large number of square metres meant that I had to adapt and balance all the shades by eye. A beige undercoat was also necessary in preparation.
Peyre-Lebade in the Médoc

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Jean-Nicolas BOULMIER
Artist Decorative Painter
41 rue du Vieux Perray
91700 Sainte Geneviève des Bois
Tel : +33
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