logoJean Nicolas Boulmier
Artist Decorative Painter

Materials, patinas, decorative coatings, embossed coatings, aged waxed plaster

Une décoration « Jour/nuit »
Here is a room with tall silvery herbs on highlights of relief plasters loaded with photoluminescent particles (it is not fluorescence). The soft vision of the day is particularly striking at the beginning of the night. The intensity decreases during the first half hour and then fades during the night in a spirit that I would call "moonlight". This photoluminescence phenomenon is naturally recharged with spots and/or daylight. The only disadvantage... it doesn't go out! Note that a piece of furniture called "Tetris" completes this room whose explanations can be found by following this link.


Address and phone number

Jean-Nicolas BOULMIER
Artist Decorative Painter
41 rue du Vieux Perray
91700 Sainte Geneviève des Bois
Tel : +33
Mob: +33


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