logoJean Nicolas Boulmier
Artist Decorative Painter

Materials, patinas, decorative coatings, embossed coatings, aged waxed plaster

SPA : piscine intérieur et jacuzzi
Here is the decoration of a spa including: a corridor/entrance made with a smooth plum patina; a grey gradient patina in relief on the rest of the walls of the indoor pool, corridor, and 4 massage rooms. Note that I intervened for the implantation of the mosaics in a "square bubbles" way! and the illuminated reserve on the top of the reception bench. For more information, see in the "other and curiosities" section the "SPA: 4 massage rooms".

Chalet du Mont d'Arbois, Megève

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Jean-Nicolas BOULMIER
Artist Decorative Painter
41 rue du Vieux Perray
91700 Sainte Geneviève des Bois
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