logoJean Nicolas Boulmier
Artist Decorative Painter

Floors, ceilings trompe l'oeil works, collage, and other techniques

Ciel brun/jaune grisé
Here is a sky made at 4 m high in a "small" lounge of the Château de Vineuil Saint Firmin in the Oise region located next to the Château de Chantilly. It represents a set of clouds, one of which, voluntarily, reminds us of the profile of a horse's head in order to pay tribute to my sponsor's passion. I would like to thank Florence Adam, a painting restorer located in Chantilly, for introducing me to her clients.

Château de Vineuil Saint Firmin in the Oise

Address and phone number

Jean-Nicolas BOULMIER
Artist Decorative Painter
41 rue du Vieux Perray
91700 Sainte Geneviève des Bois
Tel : +33
Mob: +33


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