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Effects and Patinas

Cabinet de Cardiologie du docteur Vittecoq
Combed patinas and squares of plaster stick your wood together to create a warm, simple and sober atmosphere, but one that is sufficiently present to give patients a sense of well-being.

Saint Michel sur Orge in Essonne
Poteaux décoratifs en vrai béton
These posts are part of a decorative ensemble that includes moulded concrete in a wooden plank style, imitations of striated slate, painted patinas with gradient shades on the top of the walls. This high-altitude restaurant, which can accommodate between 800 and 1200 people every day during the high ski season, is heavily used and had to be treated with solid materials. The combination of concrete and resin glue plaster imitating slate was the most appropriate. On the top of these posts, a composition of plaster and gravel was cast and patinated with slate on a bed of fibreglass (in the workshop and glued on site).

The Club House of Mont D'Arbois, Megève in Haute Savoie
Patine brossée pochée prune
Realization of a plum patina next to an Egyptian decoration made 14 years ago. I used the existing relief of the wall which was very poached and peeling. It is an oiled patina made on an old parma pink undercoat and then varnished. This oil patina is a brushed poached patina

Villa Poirier Paris 15th arrondissement
Motifs tramés sur portes
Realization of patinas combed on the doors and brushed with spit on the walls. The doors were not dug as it seems, but an additional thickness of smoothed plaster on the surrounding area and striated plaster in the centre was added. This project is intended for a small corridor.

Villa Poirier Paris 15th arrondissement
Copie de papier peint
Making a fake wallpaper! I copied the existing wallpaper that was installed many years ago and is no longer being used. To avoid you looking for or playing the game of the 7 errors, these are the two doors and the back of the new toilet. Good comparison!

Seals in the Hauts de Seine (92)
Enduit à relief vertical
Decoration of a living room, a dining room and a kitchen side with smooth walls in beige degraded patinas, including three walls with a strong vertical plaster structure. This material was made with mason's tools. Why not?! Apart from the shades, the structural effects between daytime and evening backlighting are amazing.

Château Clarke in the Médoc
La chambre de Clément
Just born, I think this little lenient will have a room already well decorated. The freshness of the greens and yellows gives this room a soft and pleasant atmosphere.

St John the Two Twins in the 77
Plâtres cirés sur fond rouge
Here is for this small entrance, a patina of your stone and its whitewashed panels on waxed plasters. To carry out this technique in a "worn-out fresco" way, it was necessary to decorate the backgrounds with vermilion red and some black fades. The plaster plasters were then applied. The ceiling, on the other hand, received an oiled patina of shade earth on a red background and then simply varnished. The switches already in place have been treated like fake wood.

Marolles in Hurepoix, in Essonne (91)
Mur d’or
Gold leaf on the top of the walls of this alcove. Namely, no varnish protection is to be considered. The shine must remain natural and authentic.

Avenue Marceau, Paris
Faux métal usé sur du vrai
Here are two metal posts recently installed in this renovation, which was finished with a minimum rustproof orange finish. I was simply asked to give them a worn, rubbed, bumped, etc... squat style on Talleyrand Street!

Rue Talleyrand Paris
SPA : piscine intérieur et jacuzzi
Here is the decoration of a spa including: a corridor/entrance made with a smooth plum patina; a grey gradient patina in relief on the rest of the walls of the indoor pool, corridor, and 4 massage rooms. Note that I intervened for the implantation of the mosaics in a "square bubbles" way! and the illuminated reserve on the top of the reception bench. For more information, see in the "other and curiosities" section the "SPA: 4 massage rooms".

Chalet du Mont d'Arbois, Megève
 Salle de bain bleue
This bathroom had been painted in a plain blue that was not suitable. The idea was to whiten the top and create a base in a different and more intense blue. The whole treated in cold shade required to be enhanced by a warm shade, hence the idea of yellow squares as a frieze.

Nogent sur seine (10)
Fleur de lotus décorative en relief
This room and its adjoining bathroom have received a degraded ochre patina on thickened paint. On the top of the walls there are two friezes, one in relief representing lotus flowers in three layers of stencils and the other in crumpled brown chiffon on a bronzine background. Bugatti" furniture will complete the harmony of this room.

Paris 8th
Hall d'accueil du Château CLARKE
In the reception hall of Château Clarke, a four-walled combed patina degraded to any height (8 metres). False wood in connection on the white hubcaps of the 16 ceiling spots.

Listrac (33)
Frisette de sapin usé blanchi
Removal of this old corridor in dark panelling, for a bleached and sanded wood. More sustained bases and a frieze invented on the spot to finally brighten up this corridor.

Varennes Jarcy (91)
bandes brunes striées
Realization of a patina taloche in this staircase then of three brown stripes just under the implantation of the three spots.

Varennes Jarcy (91)
Entourages pastels pour portes
A straw yellow patina for this mezzanine, with different colours for each of the doorways it serves.

Villiers sur orge in Essonne (91)
Chambre bouton d’or
Creation of a yellow buttercup patina on a thickened paint background swept over all the walls, including the old feeders. Surrounding the doors in ivory-coloured patina and then imitating a fake stone and its joint cuts on the old raw cement column.

St Georges de Montaigu in the Vendée
Vitrine fond dorée
For this bottom of the showcase, gold leaves "torn off" on a thickened red ochre paint background.
Mont d'Arbois, Megève
Grand salon de chalet de montagne

The walls are talched, sanded and then patinated in a "whitewash" style, then raised by large, more sustained frames. For finishing dark nets and bleached selvedges around the frames. It should be noted that the radiators have received thickened paints instead of the effect given by the plaster.
Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Chambre de Mr et Mme de R.

This is a room where they wanted to contradict the walls between them. On one side the ash woodwork and on the other side a brown chequered wall (plaster) combed alternately. The ceiling with its raised panels has striped separating strips reminiscent of the brown wall.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Pluie de Galets

Bathroom, with a density of pebbles that intensifies downward until it reaches the floor laid by the tilesetters. Real sand was glued between the rollers on all the walls including the radiator. A piece of ferrugem slate (from the shower cubicle) was attached to the centre of the radiator. The shell on the mirror was designed by me.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Lits superposés

Children's room with bunk beds and alternating dark woods and shaded orange-yellow patinas on the walls. On the top of the walls we will find silhouettes of trees, mountains, etc.... The cupboard doors are painted with slate, a painting imitating slate that allows to draw with chalk and then wipe.

Mont d'Arbois, Megève

Écrivons le long des murs !

On a crumpled patina background, here is a poem on the theme of friendship written around the circumference and halfway up the room. To complete the spirit, a feather painted in trompe l'oeil is placed on each of the two doors.

Rue Parmentier in Neuilly (92)

Couloir en couleur et gaité

Corridors are places of passage that are often not given enough importance. This is precisely why we wanted to highlight it and give it presence and cheerfulness. A patina graded from orange to yellow to green was made before the hand painted flowers were made.

Rue Parmentier in Neuilly sur Seine

Mariage de patines grise et prune

Here is a set of plum/light grey colour contrasts for this entrance, living room and dining room set. A brushed effect with a blade imprint for the plum colour and a relief combing effect for the light grey, all enhanced by the installation of gilded leaves in pieces on the doors, wall and library.

Rue Parmentier in Neuilly sur Seine

Allumer le feu ! avec une patine dégradée

Realization, in this very beautiful volume, of a degraded patina in fire colour in opposition to the stone walls preserved in their original state.

Marolles in Hurepoix in Essonne

Pochoirs pour sable collé

In this wave bathroom (real marble), realization of a patina combed in relief then degraded in the blues/water green. Glued sand patterns were applied using stencils created by me. These come out of the wall of about 3mm, are very hard and despite the glue have kept the real color of the sand.

Paris 8th

Décors de théâtres espagnol

Creation in a dining room of a degraded patina in green tones over the entire height of the walls. Cutting and collage of old Spanish theatre sets painted in gouache on kraft paper from the 1920s. Old window: realization on canvas of a trellis and a gradient background, all glued to the back of the window FACE painting.

Rue du Cirque, Paris 8e

Une patine blanche sur du blanc !

Realization in a living room, of a white combed patina unbleached on all the walls and friezes in relief. Replacement of gilded mirror frames, respecting their ageing.

Rue Molière, Paris 1er

Dégagement en dégradé
Creation of a degraded combed patina on all the walls. Creation on the doors of fake steel strips hammered with fake rivets, and a fake water-green wood.

Avenue Victor Hugo Paris 16e
WC anthracite
Creation of a gradient patina from anthracite (referring to the granite of the ground) to pearl grey, with nets starting from the ground and fading on the top of the wall.

Avenue Victor Hugo Paris 16e
Bloc de fausses pierres
Creation of degraded patinas on the walls and four pilasters (in plaster tiles) sculpted and patinated in a "green stone" style, in the spirit of the painting for which the central wall was specially built.

Avenue Victor Hugo paris 16e
Feuilles de toilettes !!
Patina in yellow brushed oil with a frieze of real purple maple leaves glued and then slightly golden on the veins.

rue Cambronne, Paris 15e
Moulures et filets dorés
Realization of gilding nets on all the mouldings of the reception and the large living room.

Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris 16th
Panneaux amovibles Pompéiens

Realization of various Pompeian patinas, with two masks representing joy and sadness.


Patines marbrées
Creation of a brushed marbled patina in the interior of the panels, then a bluish green enhancement on all the surrounds.

Avenue Téophile Gautier, Paris 16e

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